Thursday, December 5, 2013


We really have so much to be thankful for this year.  Just today I was driving in the car listening to Christmas music, and all of the sudden I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  I thought about our three healthy children, our happy marriage, our nice neighborhood, and warm place to live in.  We are blessed with loving parents and extending families.  And, most importantly we’re blessed to have the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Through him, we can repent and become clean before God.  This gives me so much hope and peace.

 Thanksgiving the Sunday before the actual holiday with my family.

Uncle Court returned from Brazil.  Now Abby is the only missionary in our family we pray for. 

 Bowen getting he metal at the annual neighborhood Turkey trot.  The kids we troopers in the cold.



More cousin time.  Audrey and Tagg

 Bowen started wrestling this month and got a 2nd place medal at his first tournament.

One of our last good days of fall.  Bowen just discovered he can climb trees. It's been so fun to see he grow up since he has started Kindergarten.  He's reading 3 letter words, and is making some good friends at school.

October happenings

 The weather was beautiful this fall!  We had some fun park days and hiking up corner canyon in Draper.

 Leah loved this princess as cornbellies and would not leave her alone! 

 Dressing up with Lee cousins.  (Ruby is the cat on the right, bottom corner).  
 Ariel and Mike the Knight!  We had fun making their costumes.

Family Pictures- Draper park


 Uncle Jake got home from his mission.  He greeted us in flip flops and shorts at the airport.  (My parents went to Brazil to pick him up and my dad was able to release him early.)  I was the first one to hug him and I wondered why he gave me such a soft hug.  I thought it was because he had not hugged any girls for 2 years.  But, he was totally sunburned from hanging out at the beach the day before:)
 Ruby at 8 months

 BYU alumni baseball game.  Seth's cousin Ike came to stay with us.  It was super fun.  Can't wait for Uncle Court to start playing with BYU.

 So great to have this good looking brother of mine home!

 Riding Rincon

 Leah got to spray the fire hose during her preschool field trip to the fire station.  She asks me everyday if she has preschool.  I'm glad she loves it.

All of this came from our garden!  We didn't get very much good corn (I think I under-watered it), but the corn stocks turned out great.  I grew pumpkins, zucchini, yellow squash, banana squash and spaghetti squash.  They all crossed with each other and we got this great assortment of "mutant" squash.

Friday, September 13, 2013

First day(s) of School

 Bowen is in Kindergarten now.  He's really loves it and can't wait to get his homework done as soon as he gets home. 

Leah is also loving her first year of preschool. On the first day she asked me if I would be staying with her at school.  When I said no, she shouted for joy.  No problems with separation anxiety here!

 As a reward for doing our library summer reading program, we got a free pass to the natural history museum by the UofU. Totally awesome.

Seth and I got a chance to go watch BYU smash the Texas Longhorns.  Love this guy.

Last summer post

 Fun swimming time

Tracy Aviary

Hiking Jake's trail with walkie-talkies

 Sweet baby girl at 8 months

Camping and Cousins

 We went on our first camp out in the new pop-up trailer.  We even got caught in a huge thunder storm and stayed completely dry.


Cousin Tagg came to play.  They are always dressing up.

 Fun sister time for me and Pioneer Day shenanigans.

The kids all hopped on Grandpa Barry's four wheeler.