Monday, May 26, 2014

Jan-Mar: Awards, Skiing, Dance, Fun Times!

 Bowen received the Wild Cat Pride Award!  He was the only student chosen in his class to get this award.  His teacher picked Bowen because he always tries his best, he is a friend to all and he has made tons of progressing in reading.  We are so proud of Bowen!!!

 Bowen and I were ski buddies this winter.  His favorite thing to say was, "Meet you at the bottom Mom!"

 The sun poked it's head out so we enjoyed some time in the back yard.  Our kids LOVE the sand and dirt and I love it too.

 Leah finished he first dance class.  She loved it!

This was hilarious!! Leah told me one day that her friend Charlyse had a Charlyse-tard.  (At first I didn't understand her).  Then I realized she was telling me that she (Leah) wears a "Leah"-tard so her friend mush have a Charlyse-tard.  Whenever Ruby had a onesie on, Leah would call it her "Ruby"-tard.  So in this picture we have a "Ruby"-tard and a "Leah"-tard.

December 2013

We had a great end to 2013.  Some of our activities included sledding and snow-shoeing at Grandma and Grandpa Hobbs's, Bowen's wrestling, acting out the Nativity, getting new Christmas P.J.'s and Ruby turning ONE on December 30th.