Sunday, April 29, 2012

April is Birthday Month

 First is was Leah's birthday on April 12th.  We actually celebrated on April 11th since I left the next morning for my girl's trip.  She LOVED her pink cake with sprinkles.  She is all girl, she loves anything pink or purple, babies, dancing dresses and picking my flowers in the garden.  Cute 2-year-old!
Grandma Lorie made the cutest aprons!

 Bowen got this Jazz jersey from Seth and he has worn it nearly everyday since! 

 Bowen had his first "friend" birthday party.  And it went well considering there were a dozen 3, 4 and 5-year-olds running around.  I invited his church class and neighbors.  It was a beach themed birthday.  First the kids decorated buckets with foam stickers and glitter glue, then then dug for "treasure" (toys) in a pool full of sand.  Next they played in a little pool full of water (it was 80 degrees so it was just right).  Then they raced while wearing snorkel fins and goggles.  It was pretty hilarious!  Bowen kept his flippers on the during the rest of the party.  He was having so much fun!  Wish I had pictures of everything, but I was a little distracted with so many kids there.
 Finally Bowen opened his gifts then ate his surfboard cake.  I thought it was an okay attempt.  I'm no cake expert, but it had an ice cream layer in it, so it tasted pretty good. 
I asked Bowen if he can just stay 3 forever, but he said he has to turn 4, then he will be 5, then 10.  He's still getting the counting thing down.  
My kids are so fun lately, I really love this phase of life!

Girls' Weekend

I had the best weekend in Carmel, CA with all of my sisters and mom.  (No kids except Hilary's cute baby Kate who is 2 months old).  I am really lucky to have such great sisters.  This trip made it hard to come back to the life of a mom, but also made me feel so refreshed.  We stayed up late laughing and playing cards, slept in every day and ate the best food.  I love my FAMILY!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter + 2 more below

 I have a pictures just like this from when I was a little girl (I just have to find it)
 Saturday before Easter, hunting for eggs up near my parents house.  The eggs were real and my kids loved it!

 Easter morning!  Baby chick and ducklings.  We are started a farm!  It's exciting, but I'm not sure I will still love them when they are big (they already poop a ton).

 Easter "best" after church, so they have stickers and candy all over, haha.
 Easter is one of my favorite holidays, because it seems more low key than some of the the other big ones.  We had a nice day at church then at a yummy dinner with family, a perfect day.  I learned something new this Easter about Jesus Christ.  A lot of times I try to think about Jesus and I just think of his perfect life, his love for me, that he suffered for my sins, etc.  I always forget to think about his resurrection and that He Lives!  I know that Jesus lives that that he visited Joseph Smith and restored the true gospel on the earth.  I love this video about Savior's resurrection.

I just had to include this picture


Bowen digging a hole for "pumpkins"
 Zoo day with Audrey

The best St. Patrck's day costume ever!  Bowen has a great preschool teacher.


 Swim day with cousin Audrey, we are so glad we live close to them.
 I caught Bowen reading the Book of Mormon.  Ever since I gave him his own copy he's been carrying it around and "reading" it.  Hope that habit sticks.
 Our first and last snowman!
 Snow angels

Cousin Spencer's baptism