Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vampire teeth

Bowen's teeth look like vampire teeth because he only has his side teeth up top. He also has his two middle teeth on the bottom, but no middle teeth on the top. It's hilarious.

Look below for Birthday pictures!

Birthday Boy!

Bowen is officially spoiled! I have been able to keep his toys in a small basket under our TV up until now. I'm afraid our front room has turned into a toy room. We had a family party, which ended up being huge! It was a nice evening so everyone was outside the whole evening. Bowen loves people and attention, and he was smiling all night long. Thanks to everyone who brought gifts.

His birthday cake was balloons!

I never thought the first year would go by so fast! It's hard for me to imagine how small and dependent Bowen used to be. Now he can do so many things: color pictures, say "ball", "mom", "dad", wave, clap, push his firetruck everywhere, beg for food, drink from a straw, play peek-a-boo, go up and down stairs, open and close doors, and be funny as ever! Happy Birthday Bowen, we love you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dirt Mustache

Bowen played outside today while I worked in the garden. I lost track of him for a while and next thing I knew he was eating a rock that he found in the mud. He loved playing outside. I look forward to many more sunny days in the garden.