Friday, November 27, 2009

Bowen loves his Grandparents!

Great Grandpa Hobbs (Bowen loves his Grandpas)
Great Grandma Hobbs was kind enough to share here birthday cake. Bowen just loved the frosting.

Bowen and Grandpa Hobbs ready to go feed the horse Rincon, but Bowen calls him "Moo". Bowen just loves his Grandpa Hobbs and is always riding the tractor with him and helping him do the farm chores.

This is Bowen the cow with his cute Grandma Hobbs. He participated in the BYU Law School costume fashion show. He was great at saying "moo".
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Half-Way There!

I know I have not been keeping my blog updated. I guess the main reason is that I'm pregnant!!! So every time I have a break from Bowen I usually am usually taking a nap. I am actually halfway there and I will find out on Dec. 8th if I'm having a boy or girl! This pregnancy has gone by so fast, especially since I have my little Buddy Bowen to play with.
Seth has been working for a company in St. George for the past month or so. We have loved going to visit Dad in St. George. We spent a lot of time outside visiting duck ponds and parks. We also went to Snow Canyon and went on some short hikes. Bowen especially loved jumping around on the petrified dunes.