Sunday, May 15, 2011

See how they grow!

Our kids had their annual check ups... Leah(1) is tall (90th percentile) and thin (31st). And Bowen(3) is also tall (85th) and not quite so thin (79th). It's so fun watching my kids grow. I still
call Leah a baby...she doesn't walk yet, but she can talk up a storm. She says hi, dada, mama, bye-bye, boo, baba (bottle), wow, owe, uh-oh. I know a lot of these are just sounds, but she is really good at repeating sounds. She can also scream!! Especially when Bowen get's in her way.

Bowen said some funny things lately...The other morning out of the blue he said, "Leah has a boy head" because she has hardly any hair. Also I took him to one of Abby's choir competitions
and after her team finished he said, "Abby's on the black team!" He's been to a lot of sports games between Jake, Abby and our nephews on Seth's side. It was pretty funny.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April celebrations

We made a trip to CA and saw the Cardinals (Seth's favorite team) play the Giants.

This is Albert Pujols!

We celebrated 3 birthdays in April. Leah's 1st birthday was April 12th. We were in northern California for the week so she had her birthday at my Grandma Zwahlen's house in Modesto.

Then we were back in Utah for Seth's grandma Lorraine's 80th birthday party. (Lorraine is Leah's middle name). Ironically Leah always cried around Grandma Lorraine.

Then it was Bowen's third birthday with a John Deere tractor cake! Bowen loves anything to do with John Deere. I even made him a John Deere quilt (pictures to come).

(I made this skirt for Leah. I was so excited it matched this shirt so well!)

Easter Surprise! I left Leah in the room with the Easter baskets, and later I found her with all the heads eaten off the "peeps" and most of the other candy all eaten. Who knows how much sugar she ate!