Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fianlly Snow!

 We were so excited to have some snow this weekend! Bowen and Seth built a snowman a snow castle.  I waddled around with Leah.  10 days til my due date!

 Mall toys (they don't know you can put a quarter in these yet)

 Going backwards, piling up leaves in our back yard.

 Cousins came to town for Thanksgiving
 My sweet grandma Shirley.  Don't see her as much as I used to when we lived in Provo. I miss her!

 More cousin time and Abby's dorm room at BYU

Sweet baby Shelby at 6 weeks old (now 2 1/2 months old)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall flew by!

We did so many fun things this fall including...
 Leah watched Abby at the Swiss Day's parade (my sister won Miss Wasatch first attendant)

 Bowen started his second year of preschool and can even write his name now.
 We enjoyed the Utah State Fair with cousins

 Leah moved into her big girl bed (only 6 more weeks until the baby comes)

 Bowen played soccer for the first time.  He loved to run fast and steal the ball.  He was really glad his team didn't have any girls (haha).

 Seth played baseball in a BYU alumni game for the first time.

 We drove to Vacaville, CA to visit grandma Leona & grandpa Chuck and Rich & Rona.

 We also went to Modest to see Grandma and Grandpa Zwahlen.

 Back in Utah, we played with Grandpa Barry's dogs.

 Enjoyed dressing up with cousins.



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer at a glance

 We celebrated the olympics by holding a cousin olympics.  It included an obstacle course, long jump, shot put, jump rope and a relay race.

 "Grandpa Barry" let us ride his horses

 Super hero costumes I made for the kids

 Nauvoo, Illinois (where the Mormon pioneers lived before they came to Salt Lake)

 Joseph and Hyrum Smith outside of Carthage Jail (where to Prophet Joseph and his brother were martyred)
 Beautiful Relief Society gardens

 Getting ice cream in St. Louis with cousins Luke, Chloe and Rhett

 Back in Utah: Thanksgiving Point farm and Seth's 30th birthday

 Camping and fishing with cousins at Trial Lake

They "rescued" and baby bird.  Although it didn't survive more than 12 hours :(

Monday, July 2, 2012

Child #3!!!

 I knew this funny picture would come in handy sometime.  Yes, I'm pregnant, 14 weeks!  Due December 27th.  We are really excited!

 Leah's first pig tails. (they totally fell out in like 10 minutes, but cute while it lasted)

 Zoo with cousins

 Tagg was back in town.

 Wanted to snuggle with each other after sleeping over at grandma's house.

 Cousin Averi. (wish she lived closer so she could baby sit)

 I'm loving my "summer" hair cut.