Friday, September 13, 2013

First day(s) of School

 Bowen is in Kindergarten now.  He's really loves it and can't wait to get his homework done as soon as he gets home. 

Leah is also loving her first year of preschool. On the first day she asked me if I would be staying with her at school.  When I said no, she shouted for joy.  No problems with separation anxiety here!

 As a reward for doing our library summer reading program, we got a free pass to the natural history museum by the UofU. Totally awesome.

Seth and I got a chance to go watch BYU smash the Texas Longhorns.  Love this guy.

Last summer post

 Fun swimming time

Tracy Aviary

Hiking Jake's trail with walkie-talkies

 Sweet baby girl at 8 months

Camping and Cousins

 We went on our first camp out in the new pop-up trailer.  We even got caught in a huge thunder storm and stayed completely dry.


Cousin Tagg came to play.  They are always dressing up.

 Fun sister time for me and Pioneer Day shenanigans.

The kids all hopped on Grandpa Barry's four wheeler.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

June: zoo and swim lessons

 We bought a zoo pass this year, and it's been well worth it.  We were able to spend time with cousins from both sides!
Tyson (the boys loved the lego theme at the zoo this summer)

 Shelby's in the back!
 Audrey came too!

AND...I have 2 little fish for children

 Bowen learned to dive.
 Leah cried and cried during the entire first three classes, but by the end she loved it.  She's always asking for me to give her swimming lessons.
More summer updates to come...