Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cousin Tagg Came to Visit

Bowen's cousin Tagg came to visit from Colorado. This kid is two weeks younger than Bowen and is about the same size! He was 10lb. 12oz. when he was born. Tagg has a lot more hair and he's way more tan. These guys are destined to be best friends.

Bowen is almost six weeks old now, and he is getting so big. We think he's about 12 pounds. He has lost almost all his hair, except a mo-hawk on the top. He smiles all the time now and likes to try to talk. His newest trick is sleeping though the night!!! He goes from about 11pm to 6:30 am. He slept like that the last two nights and we hope it continues.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pole Vault 2007

Seth wanted to show that I really could pole vault 13 feet before Bowen came along

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bowen is Growin'

This boy is all smiles

It looks like he's sleep walking

2 1/2 weeks old

About 2 weeks old

This is at about 1 week old

He likes to look left!

Good Morning

Cousin Cyus

Bowen's friends James and Carly


I never thought being a mom would be so fun! He takes up most of my time, but I love it. Seth likes to make Bowen sit, stand and crawl. He is determined to have Bowen walking at an early age. Bowen doesn't mind tummy time, but he hates his bath. He just hates being naked I think. But he loves to snuggle and he is a very good sleeper. He wakes up to eat in the night and goes right back to sleep. What a blessing!