Thursday, September 22, 2011

September so far

 Camping with cousins

 Being silly around the house

We stayed at a cabin in Island Park for a few days with the Turleys and Schellenbergs
 Lydia, Leah and Paige
 Autumn, London, me and Bowen four wheeling in the rain!
 Big Springs, crystal clear water, huge trout

 Boating with Jake (I will post soon on his mission farewell)
First day of preschool.  Bowen loves school so much he gets up early and gets himself all ready about an hour before we need to leave.  He even makes his bed.  It's crazy that he's so big now!


 Seth and I went to NYC for 3 days.  He had an online marketing convention, and I was lucky to come along.
 Empire State building

 Yankee's game
 Me and Autumn on the way to the Statue of Liberty

 Me, Tyler, Seth, Charlie, Autumn and Derrick
 Ellis Island

Here are just some pictures of summer!
 Bowen and Lexi at Liberty Park
At Grandma Hobbs's house.  My kids love their Grandma.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


 At the Grandpa's farm.  Bowen can ride his 2-wheeler bike now!
 Liberty Park with cousin Lexi

 Grandma Hobbs:  We love going to her house, even though we live a little further away now.
 Uncle Jake giving the boys mow-hawks
 All the cousins got mow-hawks before Lake Powell
 Notice the sword down Bowen's pants
 Lake Powell! My dad rented a house boat and all of my whole family came.