Sunday, November 6, 2011

October was comes the cold

 The fire truck came to Bowen's preschool.  (Bowen was mad that I came to take pictures!  I was the only mom there.  Haha.)

 St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series!!! That's Seth's favorite team.  Even I am sad the games are all over.
 Hiking on my dad's birthday.  We are standing on a bridge that my brother Jake built for his Eagle Project.  Jake is on his mission for the Church in Brazil right now.  I'm so proud of Jake and every time I think about him I cry a little bit, haha!

 "Trick-or-treating" at Ma's (Seth's grandma).  She gave us licorice, rice crispies and potato chips.
 Gardener Village: a fun outdoor mall with lots of Halloween decorations.  So fun! I will be going back next year.

 My sister Tiff and I had a great bike ride together!!! This was really the highlight of my month.  The weather was beautiful, I'm going to miss it.
 Hogle Zoo: the annual picture at the "liger" statue.
 Pumpkin patch
 Halloween night!  Bowen loved it, he skipped up to every house.  All week he was asking if we can go trick-or-treating again.
FYI:  Bowen is a firefighter, and Leah is a dalmatian puppy.  (I know she was a cow last year, but I didn't plan on her being black and white again!  Lots of people called her a boy!)