Friday, May 21, 2010

These things make me smile!

So I've never made a post without pictures, but I wanted to share some of the funny things that Bowen has done lately:

We had his little friend Jackson over for dinner the other night. When it was time to pray, both the boys started praying simultaneously. All Bowen knows how to say is, " Heavenly Father...Bless the food...Christ...Amen!"

Bowen is very particular and loves to clean up messes. The other day I was thinking I should ask Bowen to pick up some toys, and I turned around and he had already cleaned it all up! I hope he stays like this.

Bowen climbed up the base of his basketball hoop and proclaimed, "Bowen so TALL!" When he stepped down he said "Bowen so DOWN!"

He's still working on his nap/bed time he says, " Bowen no go nigh-night, Bowen WAKE UP!"

Bowen loves his baby sister Leah. Everytime he wakes up he asks, "Where-saa-baby?" He loves to kiss her a get right in her face and say, "HEY BABY!" He even held her for a half hour the other day and didn't want to let her go. So sweet!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter, Birthday, Graduation, Baby

I am so glad that Leah came 4 days early. She was due on the 16th, but was born on the 12th. It was perfect, because Bowen's 2nd birthday was the 20th and my mom's BYU Law School graduation was on the 23rd. I know it's pretty selfish of me, but I wanted her to come early so that I could enjoys all the parties.

Bowen jammin' on the piano. I just found these headphones. It's great, he loves them, and I don't have to listen to him play the same note 50 times in a row, or make the annoying machine gun sound.

I made this Fire Truck Cake. It was super easy, but the red food coloring (which I bought from Roberts in the cake decorating section) stained everyone's teeth pink. Thanks to everyone who came to Bowen's party and all of the nice gifts!

My grandma Zwahlen came to Utah for my mom's graduation. It was so nice to see her and my grandpa. They even brought Leah a cute baby blanket that they make for all their great grandchildren, which is quite a lot now!

Bowen found his old Halloween costume which I made for him when he was 6 months old. I was afraid of making it too small, so it still fits him. I'm really proud of my handywork, especially the toes on the feet!