Wednesday, July 2, 2014

May: Lots of "trips"

My sister's and mom went on a trip to St. Louis to visit Heidi.  We stayed in a hotel in the city.  We visited the St. Louis Temple, the botanical gardens, City Museum, and even went up the Arch.  I love my sisters and we missed Abby who is on her mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Vancouver, Canada.

 Leah's field trip to Wheeler Farm.  We all came along.

 Leah's "boyfriend" Thomas. They are holding hands here.  Leah is already boy crazy!!

 Enjoying Spring time at Grandma Shirley's.

 Seth and I took a trip to Southern California where I grew up.  We went to the Los Angeles Temple, stayed in Santa Barbara, ate yummy food on the pier, biked along the shoreline, took a day boat trip to the Channel Islands where we saw dolphins, whales, seals, and kayaked into the painted caves (no pictures because we didn't want to get our camera wet).  It was a trip to remember and reminded me of the amazing husband that I married almost 9 years ago!

Here is a picture of my old home in Thousand Oaks.  The trees are huge now!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Easter and Bowen's Birthday

April 20th was Bowen's birthday and Easter!


 Birthday Boy

 Ruby and Shelby

 Baseball. Go SJB Eagles!

 Sports birthday party.  It rained the whole time. But the boys had fun bowling, playing basketball and football.

 Temple Square flowers.  It smelled like Heaven!

 Easter Egg Hunt in Bountiful.

 Can't get enough of Ruby.

 Bowen's Birthday/Easter cake.

Can you guess what these are?

April 12th, Leah's Birthday

The girls arrived in their dress-up clothes and we did there make-up and read princess books.
  Next they made a crown with foam stickers.

  Then we played a “cake-walk”-type game, where they each earned a wand. 

  This was a high light of the party.  Dancing to Frozen music in the Ice Castle!!!

Audrey swinging at a piƱata full of treats.  

One happy Princess Leah.

April at Dead Horse State Park

 First I have to share this photo of my sweet Grandma Hobbs.  We love going to her home.

 Dead Horse State Park (by Moab, UT) has some amazing views.  Our kids were great hikers!

The pop-up trailer in the back.  It's our favorite!! We plan on going camping more this summer