Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Late Birthday to me!

I turned 25 on February 25th. So it was my golden birthday. It was a really fun day, and entire weekend. My brother Jake played in the state basketball tournament. Their first game was on my birthday and they won. They won the next 2 days and became STATE CHAMPIONS!!! I'm so proud of my brother Jake. I actually cried as he cut part of the net down. Anyway, my sister Hilary and her baby Brad came in town for the weekend, and we had a ton of fun together: we got pedicures, went to lunch and went shopping. Seth even watched Bowen for me while we had some girl time together.

My mom made me this amazing chocolate cake with real whipped cream and homemade frosting!

Also, lately Bowen is our little drummer boy. He carries his drums all around the house. I'll post a video soon!