Sunday, May 19, 2013

April was Birthday month

 Ruby at 3 months

 Leah turned 3 and had a pink pig cake!

 Smiley girl, even sucks her thumb occasionally.  Maybe she will be like Leah.

 Bowen put this hat on and said, "Look mom, I'm Jake!" (My brother on his mission in Brazil)

 Bowen turned five! Construction cake and swimming with cousins.

Oh Zion!

We took our first road trip with Ruby.  We went to Zion's National Park.  It was awesome.  Seth and I expected to see dry desert everywhere, but we were pleasantly surprised with all the "vegetation".  We saw so many wild flowers and trees growing right out of the rocks; it was breath-taking. 

 Emerald Pools hike

 Weeping Rock hike

 River walk hike
Bowen hiked the whole way!  (5 miles the first day and 2 1/2 the second)

Day 2: More Zions
 Overlook hike trail in Zions (just past the mile-long tunnel)

 We pulled off the side of the road, had a picnic and explored this dry river bed.

 Day 3: Kolob Canyon

 Kolob Canyon outlook