Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall flew by!

We did so many fun things this fall including...
 Leah watched Abby at the Swiss Day's parade (my sister won Miss Wasatch first attendant)

 Bowen started his second year of preschool and can even write his name now.
 We enjoyed the Utah State Fair with cousins

 Leah moved into her big girl bed (only 6 more weeks until the baby comes)

 Bowen played soccer for the first time.  He loved to run fast and steal the ball.  He was really glad his team didn't have any girls (haha).

 Seth played baseball in a BYU alumni game for the first time.

 We drove to Vacaville, CA to visit grandma Leona & grandpa Chuck and Rich & Rona.

 We also went to Modest to see Grandma and Grandpa Zwahlen.

 Back in Utah, we played with Grandpa Barry's dogs.

 Enjoyed dressing up with cousins.