Sunday, July 10, 2011

New house (scroll down to see all 3 new posts)

Old house:
New House:

We bought a new house in Draper and will be moving at the end of this month. We have loved our Provo home, but are so excited to move. We are doing some painting and other work, so I will be sure to post before and after pictures.

Happy Fourth!

This was a mock angel food cake that I made. So delicious! I have to keep the tradition that my mom started of making a flag cake every year.

We spent the fourth of July at Seth's parent's house. Almost all of Seth's family was there. There pool was great, but we had a scary experience that day:

Bowen had been swimming with his life jacket on all afternoon, and he was jumping off the diving board and going down the slide. Just having a great time. We took his life vest off to feed him some pizza. I went inside to be with Leah, and Seth stayed out with Bowen. About 5 minutes later Seth came in, and after a few minutes I asked him to go outside and check on Bowen. I am so glad I asked him to do that, because he found Bowen in the pool by the steps bobbing up and down, because he couldn't touch the bottom. He yanked him out and Bowen threw up, but seemed to be breathing fine. He was probably under the water less than 20 seconds. It was the worst experience. I am so thankful that he is just fine, but we will be a lot more cautious around the pool from now on.

Tribute to Grandpa Frayne

My sweet grandpa Frayne Hobbs passed away a few weeks ago. I would say that out of all my grandparents I am the closest to my Grandpa Frayne. I took the kids to visit him and my grandma every week for the past few years. His face would light up when we walked through the door. He made us feel like we were the most important part of his life (he made everybody feel this way). He always wanted to know what was going on my life. He liked to tell me stories about his life. I got to see him a few days before he passed away. Although he was sick and tired, he was totally with it mentally, and just held and loved my kids.

I miss my grandpa, but I know that his spirit still lives. I know that he is with his family and loved ones in the presence of Heavenly Father. I know that his is doing so much good on the other side. And I know that I will see him again.

Bowen and "Grandpa Frayne" love each other. Almost everyday Bowen asks me about him: "Is Grandpa dead? Is he in a box (casket)? Is he sleeping?" I am grateful to be able to explain over and over again about where we go after we die. I know for a fact that this life is no the end, and that we will be with our families for eternity.

Bowen also keeps asking me to sing the elephant song that my grandpa used to sing:
"I went to the animal fair
the birds and the beasts were there
the big baboon, by the light of the moon
was combing his auburn hair
the monkey went ker-plunk
right on the elephant's trunk
the elephant sneezed (a-choooo like an elephant)
fell down on his knees (a silly sound affect that only Fraync can do)
And that was the end of the monk, the monk, the monk!"

Grandma Shirley and Bowen at her 80th birthday

The funeral (I will post some better pictures soon)