Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beach Baby!!

We went to Florida last weekend for Seth's cousin Cale's wedding. It was a much needed trip to the sun! Surprisingly it was only 40 degrees when we got there, but it warmed up to 70 by the end of our trip. We were sad to come home to a big snow storm, but at least now we feel like we can make it through the rest of the snowing Utah winter.

We let Bowen explore the sand a little bit. His first move was to pick up the closest shell and put it in his mouth. They he moved to rocks, too big to fit in his mouth. Then he proceeded to throw the rocks at his little second cousin Rex (pictures to come soon). Bowen's a really social kid, always trying to catch everyone's attention by smiling at them. Oh! and he learned to wave "hi" and "bye" this month. His Grandma Hobbs taught him, so she's pretty proud.