Monday, January 2, 2012



I am so happy with the improvements we've made to our house.  My friend Telisa (and her husband Tom) repainted our kitchen cabinets back in July.  I think they look awesome!  Also I recovered our couches in July.  It was a really time-consuming project, but I think they turned our really great!


 Temple square was so beautiful, but crowded!  I will never go on Thanksgiving weekend again!
I have no pictures of Leah with Santa, because every time she got within 5 feet of Santa she would start balling!  Leah hates Santa!

 Cousin Trajen got baptized.

 We went up in the mountains with my parents and cut down our Christmas trees. If you look carefully below you can see us carrying our tree down the hill.  It took me, Seth, my dad and sister Tiff to carry our trees down!  Leah's hands got cold, so she wasn't much fun, but Bowen loved it!

 This is at Office Depot.  I couldn't find my kids and they were inside this cabinet (that was for sale) with the door shut.  So funny!!!

 Christmas Day, ready for church.
  Cousins: Grand America. Life-size ginger bread house! Festival of Trees and at Grandpa's house.
(They all have the chins in their hands)

This is my Christmas amaryllis.  I was so glad that it bloomed for Christmas!  I think I'll grow one every year.  I just watched our family videos from the past year, and have been reflecting on how blessed I feel.  First of all, we have two health, cute kids who bring so much joy into our lives.  We moved this year to a great neighborhood.  We are so grateful to have a house that's not 100 years old and drafty in the winter.  We were able to see all of our family members this year, including our kids great-grandparents.  Seth's business is doing well, and he really enjoys owning his own online marketing company.  Both of us have brothers on missions in Brazil.  We have a happy marriage and just celebrated our 6 year anniversary.

I feel like when things are going so great, something bad may happen.  There has been sadness this year with the passing of my Grandpa Hobbs.   But I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the faith I have that families continue after this life. My family is the most important thing to me, and I'm just so grateful that we are so blessed!