Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Audrey and Leah

Bowen and Cyus

Leah and Trajen

Bowen watching cars (in heaven)
My decorating (so I can remember for next year)

This video show what Bowen sounds like and I wanted to try out my new camera!

We had a wonderful Christmas! I hope all of you did to! On Christmas Eve we ate dinner (shrimp and crab) at Seth's parent's house! We should make that a yearly tradition! (I seem to be putting ! after every sentence. I'll try to calm down). We also read the Christmas story in the Bible, and Bowen actually sat still. Then we went home, and Bowen had a "long winter's nap". He slept until 9:15 Christmas morning. Leah was very patient to wait for him to wake up, haha. So we finally woke up Bowen to see what Santa had brought him. Seth keeps saying, "Bowen, I'm Santa." I don't think Bowen really gets it yet, but he was sure excited to see his choo-choo-train Christmas morning. He loved everything (most of is presents had wheels).

Leah took a nap while we let Bowen watch "Cars" and then we headed over for more food and fun with Seth's family. Bowen got to play with Zoriaha, Cyus and Trajen. And Leah and baby Audrey spent some time together too. It was so fun to be with family and enjoy this special (my favorite) holiday. (I am already sad that it's over, I think the week after Christmas is the most depressing week of the year).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Card

Every year I try to pick a Christmas card that totally captures my family. I spend hours and hours searching for the right one...just kidding.

Usually, I just choose the one that looks decent and that is somewhat cheap. I've never looked at the shutterfly Christmas cards and Holiday cards, because I thought they were way too expensive. Come to find out that they are really a lot better looking than the Walmart or Sam's club ones that I have done in the past. And they're not too expensive if you can get a promo code (which I am earning through this blog post).

I used shutterfly to create Leah's birth announcement earlier this year:

I just love their selection, and their quality is unbeatable. One day I hope to make a 12 month photo calendars so I can enjoy my families pictures all year long. The only problem I have is that I think of this idea at the beginning of December. I should really start this project in January. Maybe that will be one of my new years resolutions.

Here is a preview of my family Christmas card:

I would love to send you all a Christmas card so if you think I don't have your address please email it to me!